Introducing about Nippon Rika Group's MCPCB.


We are able to respond to customers' request such as choice of material and development of MCPCB.

Power Module

  • Main circuit, drive circuit, power circuit and control circuit can be printed on one composite metal base. Hence, the connection of the circuits is not necessary.
  • Since bare chip can be connected directly to MCPCB, the size of product is capable to be miniaturized.
  • MCPCB contains both an aluminum layer and highly thermal conductive dielectric layer, which have an ability to dissipate heat. As a result, they are highly reliable and extremely effective to prevent device from a rise in temperature.
  • Our products can meet to customers' desirable specification and design.

Two layers of metal base composite MCPCB

  • Power part and control part can be designed on one plate.
  • Insulating layer consists of our high heat release MCPCB material.

High heat release・Large Current MCPCB

MCPCB is used instead of DBC base.