Nippon Rika MCPCB Official Site


We introduce Nippon Rika Group’s printed circuit board with excellent heat dissipation and its characteristics.


MCPCB is the printed circuit board which is composed of laminated aluminum sheet, high heat conductivity insulating prepreg, and metal base (aluminum or copper board) to dissipate heat. In a comparison with a general epoxi-glass board, MCPCB is capable of dissipating much more heat away.

Characteristics of Nippon Rika Group.

  • Our long term experience in insulation material technology has accelerated our technological development of printed circuit board, and realized high reliability.
  • We built a total process structure of : Resin mixture→Coating→Lamination→Circuit Printing(Out Sourcing)→Final Inspection.
  • We develop and produce our printed circuit board according to customer needs.

Characteristics of Metal core printed circuit board.

High Heat Dissipation

By the excellent heat conductivity which is achieved by adapting high heat dissipation material and metal core, our printed circuit board realized to allow mounting of large capacity power modules and mounting in high density.

High Density Patterning

Fine pattern logic circuit and high heat dissipating power circuit are formed on the same line and arranged in a plane.

High Heat Resistivity

By adapting highly heat resistant materials, direct bonding mounting and reflow mounting can be done.

Large Capacity Circuit

The circuit can be formed in the maximum thickness of 500μm of copper foil in order to adapt to large capacity power module.

Electromagnetic Shield

By the effect of electromagnetic shield of base metal, it matches best to the circuit board requested to prevent electromagnetic obstacle.

Mechanical Strength Property

Our aluminum base provides superior mechanical intensity, which can be equipped with large boards and heavy components. Patterning and chassis can be combined.